Viral Videos Done Right

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Creating the perfect viral video is part planning and part luck, but get it right and even the most unlikely subjects can be hugely entertaining.


iPhone 4

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It wasn’t called the iPhone HD or the iPhone 4G, but that was about the only information the leaks had wrong. Thankfully there are many new and exciting elements to the new ‘iPhone 4’, but that is not what ‘Just the Bad Points’ is for. For that you’ll find many gushing websites all over the Web and you can read my extended opinions right here.

Instead JtBP is all about showing you what is wrong, contention, or downright bubble headed about products. The reasons you might not want to spend your hard earned cash on them. So before you commit to lengthy reviews here’s what you should be wary of with the new iPhone 4:

Just the Bad Points Review: Apple iPad

iPhone 4

  • Screen size still 3.5in despite rivals pushing to 3.7in and 4in
  • Same ageing facia remains
  • Move to micro SIM means regular SIM cards won’t fit
  • Improved camera uses only LED flash not the superior Xenon Flash
  • No 64GB version as widely expected (16GB/32GB only)
  • Still no microSD slot or HDMI/DisplayPort
  • Despite being thinner than the 3GS the iPhone 4 is slightly heavier
  • Battery still cannot be removed in new design
  • Bigger battery doesn’t extend standby time or video playback time
  • Same limited codec support
  • Photos still cannot be attached to existing emails
  • Still no Adobe Flash support (and there likely never will be)
  • Remains only available in black or white
  • Faux multitasking whereby most apps are paused in the background (streaming audio aside) rather than allowed to run simultaneously

Porn: the Internet stats we all wanted to see!

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Nothing to say other than… wow!

Credit for the image and background research goes to Online MBA.