Fire Sale: Why Amazon Is After Everyone But Apple

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Jeff Bezos didn’t make the Kindle Fire to attack the iPad, he made it to attack everything else.

Fire Sale: Why Amazon Is After Everyone But Apple

According to this week’s press hysteria Jeff Bezos is the new Steve Jobs and the Kindle Fire is the biggest rival to the iPad so far. There are just two snags: he isn’t and it isn’t. These are good things.

The misunderstandings make sense. In unveiling the Fire and new Kindle range Bezos provided the best Steve Jobs impersonation we’re likely to see until Tim Cook takes the stage on Tuesday to launch the iPhone 5. Furthermore Bezos had just announced a tablet with an integrated music, video and eBook store for under half the iPad’s price. The world witnessed the frenzied demand for HP’s failed Touchpad based on nothing more than price alone, so clearly Apple execs must be shaking in their boots.

We doubt it. Amazon’s recent hardware success has come down to a simple strategy: we don’t need another Apple. Bezos may want to replicate Apple’s sense of presentation, to convey style and intuitive design, and to imitate Steve Jobs if necessary, but critically he is desperate to illustrate his company’s differences. “I really want to stress this point,” Bezos explained in the only moment of repetition in his presentation, “these are premium products at non-premium prices. This is the way Amazon has operated for its entire history.”

Amazon isn’t mimicking Apple to threaten Apple. Amazon is learning from some of Apple’s best aspects to threaten everyone else. Continue Reading

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