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Always more work than you think…

February 13, 2009 by  
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So, we’ve moved the blog to a new host, which had some MySQL problems around about the time when we got everything up and running. This seems to have been fixed by now, although there’s still a lot more tweaking of the new template that needs to be done. Don’t be afraid of getting in touch if you see something that’s wonky or if there’s something that doesn’t work as it should. I’m doing my best to help Gordon set this up, but I’m not an expert at WordPress and even less so at editing PHP code, so it might take a little while before everything is up and running as it ought to. Hopefully you like the new design, it’s Gordon’s choice, so let him know what you think 😀

We’ve also implemented an anti spam feature for the comments, sorry about that, but it saves a lot of time and hassle, as there are sad people that go around and try to post spam on people’s blogs.

Welcome to GordonKelly.com

January 4, 2009 by  
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Although I’m not Gordon, I figured I’d get a quick post up here, since you can’t start a blog without any posts.

GordonKelly.com is the home of IT news journalist Gordon Kelly which is one of the funniest and wittiest technology writers out there.

This site is going to be his little “home” on the web where you can get in touch with him if you have technical questions, professional enquiries or just wish to shoot the breeze.

Don’t be shy, he really is good at what he’s doing and I think his works speak for itself.

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