April Apollo Tech Journalist UK Rankings

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Just as journalist league tables came out for December, January, February and March so here we have the most prolific tech journalists in April. The lovely Elliot, an unstoppable machine, keeps her place at #1, I  inch up one spot to 6th. Good to see my colleague Hugo sneaking in his first appearance. The table in full:


Detailed breakdowns for each journalist can be found at Apollo Surveys


4 Responses to “April Apollo Tech Journalist UK Rankings”
  1. Guy Cocker says:

    Yes, but what does this actually mean?

  2. Gordon says:

    It took me a while to find out but it’s simply a list of the most prolific technology journalists in the UK.

    At the Apollo site it breaks that down into the number of stories written by each, their total word count and even the number of companies mentioned per article!


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