BBC Ultimate Gadget Guide – Freelance Going Well

September 7, 2010 by  
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As many of you may already know, last month I made the move into full time freelance journalism. After five years helping to build TrustedReviews the time was right for a new challenge. My connections with TR remain, you’ll still find me there writing two features per week (Gordon Kelly – TrustedReviews Search Filter), but I’ll also be appearing on a wider range of publications and I’m involved in a number of exciting projects.

I’ll be providing links to my freelance work over the coming weeks and first up is a project I am very proud to have been involved in: the BBC Ultimate Gadget Guide. Out now and priced at £3.99 it covers everything from picking the best HDTV and calibrating it, to choosing the right games console, camera, eBook reader and smartphone plus common sense guides such as how to surf, sell and buy safely online.

My specific contributions are an eight page smartphone guide and a six page guide to getting the right HD TV setup – the mag’s coverage feature. Both techies and novices should find useful tips, tricks and recommendations and you can buy it online now through the BBC Focus website.

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