Can Intel Wrestle Arm?

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Intel aims to beat Moore’s Law, but that might not be enough to beat ARM… read an extract below from my feature at TrustedReviews.


Can Intel Wrestle Arm?

  • By Gordon Kelly
  • 01 June 2011

I’m sure you’ve heard of Moore’s Law. It claims the number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit will double approximately every two years. This is often incorrectly quoted as performance doubling every 18 months, but regardless it is a phenomenal technological achievement which has remained true for 46 years. Yesterday Intel revealed its latest roadmap will out accelerate Moore’s Law and the most remarkable thing is this might not be enough…

In unveiling its Ultrabook concept, Intel executive vice president Sean Maloney said its Atom line of processors will be getting a die shrink every year for the next three years. That means the 32nm Cedar Trail design will be succeeded by 22nm and 14nm versions by 2014. “Sandy Bridge is the first step in reinventing the PC,” proclaimed Maloney. “The second step is Ivy Bridge, which is built on our industry-leading 22-nanometer process. The third step is Haswell in 2013. We will double the battery life.”

The first Ultrabook will be the Asus UX21 (pictured) and Maloney believes the new sector will claim a whopping 40 per cent of the notebook market within 18 months. What Maloney didn’t address, however, is who will claim the remaining 60 per cent? If you believe the foke at ARM, the answer is them. READ ON

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