Convergence Now Means Picking a Side

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Today you don’t buy a device, you buy into an ecosystem.

Convergence is great, right? Your phone is your camera, your GPS, your games console; your TV is your web browser, your social hub, your on-demand media centre… and everything works together. It should be amazing, but that isn’t how it’s panning out. In reality convergence is exposing a sinister dark side: segregation by brand.

Today you don’t buy a device, you buy into an ecosystem. Take the iPhone, for example. The apps you buy you will have to buy them again if you jump ship to Google or Microsoft. But these apps will transfer to an iPad and it synchronises with an iPhone so you might as well make your tablet one of those. Then along comes Mac OS X 10.8 ‘Mountain Lion’ which integrates aspects of the iOS user interface, messaging functionality, back-up and more. Your computer should be a Mac then.

Do you want your Mac, iPhone and iPad content on your TV? Apple’s proprietary AirPlay wireless streaming is the way to go and that requires an AirPlay Express module or Apple TV. Might as well go the whole hog and buy an AirPlay music dock and AirPlay wireless printer too… all because you bought a phone, or any one of these devices.

Some might say that is Apple being Apple, but everyone is going the same way

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