Enduring Paris Hilton

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Quick one this since it seems to be doing the rounds – including on the Ranieri Blog


It's behind you...

Yes, I was a guest at the paparazzi free-for-all also known as the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone launch (the Finns’ affordable iPhone rival). Yes there were celebrities and yes, Paris Hilton was one of them and yes, I really – like really, really – dislike Paris Hilton and everything her pseudo-fame represents.

What I didn’t realise was she spent a fair portion of time standing right behind me as I expressed these demands. Embarrassing? No, empowering and retrospectively satisfying. Of course I didn’t know my good friend Paul Monckton would catch it all on camera with me blissfully unaware mid-rant.

Apparently the socialplite was further away at this point, but you get the gist…

Despite this a great evening was had by all in the fine company of the CNet posse of Nate, Rory, Kate and Pene, the aforementioned Mr Monckton and the legendary Rob Kerr.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic itself? Too early to tell I’m afraid, but I understand the regrettable decision of employing a resistive touchscreen instead of a capacitive one was taken so I’ve already got one bullet point for my next Just the Bad Points (JtBP) review…

Right, now I’ve squeezed this heinous post out the chamber let’s hope for the sake of December’s #1 UK Tech Journalist (!?!) the good stuff comes flowing through…

Update: Yep, that worked. Here we go.


2 Responses to “Enduring Paris Hilton”
  1. TheLostSwede says:

    Awww… shame you didn’t tell it to her face 😀

  2. Gordon says:

    I think the fact she knew I had no idea she was there meant she got a far more brutally honest insight than she’s used to when people talk to her face to face. It rather made my night 🙂