First A-Team Cast Photo Doesn’t Bode Well

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(Horribly mis-) Cast of the new A-Team movie

(Horribly mis-) Cast of the new A-Team movie. has managed to grab the first on set photo from the new A-Team film and it looks like yet another of our fondest childhood memories is going to be put through the mincer. Directed by Joe Carnahan, it stars Liam Neeson as John “Hannibal” Smith, Bradley Cooper as Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck, Sharlto Copley as Captain “Howling Mad” Murdock and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson as Sergeant “B.A.” Baracus.

So the obvious question to all: why does Hannibal look like Steve Martin, Howling Mad Murdock look like Face and Face & B.A. look like no-one?! Ho and indeed hum.



6 Responses to “First A-Team Cast Photo Doesn’t Bode Well”
  1. PaulieA says:

    well said! This film should have had more money thrown at it to attract the right people. Which are of course:

    Hannibal – George Clooney
    BA – Ving Rhames
    Murdoch – Jim Carrey
    Face – Rob Lowe

  2. AustGr3m says:

    I personally think the only half way sound choice is Bradly Cooper as Faceman because he strikes me as perfect for the role

    The rest however are so wrong for the part it scary, Kimbo Slice would have been a MUCH better choice for BA, he actually IS big and scary and a man of few words

  3. Gordon says:

    @PaulieA – have to admit I’m loving that cast list!
    @AustGr3m – I get the Bradley Cooper casting, but Sharlto Copley looks even more like face IMHO and he’s Murdock!

  4. PaulieA says:

    thanks! i cast it years ago when hollywood started churning out the tv remakes. pity i’m not a producer, i’d be a wealthy man now, as that had summer blockbuster written all over it

  5. CoolMovies says:

    Saw the film! One tip for you: stick for after all the credits, it’s pretty dam great! Now about the topic of casting; I say that the only guy who can really REALLY bring the character Hannibal back is Jack Nicholas. Though he may be too old right now, you’d be surprise what movie magic can do (see X-men3 opening). Jack Nicholas would’ve brought the character exactly, and Ice T would have done the character of Mr.T exactly too. Tho he’s not tall enough, again it’s movie magic, wear boots-control the camera angle-etc. And Ice T has big arms (see XXX the sequel), NOT as big as the Mighty T but big enough, and if he worked out more, even better. Faceman is a hard one, but in the TV series LOST, there actually IS a guy who looks much like Face and is coincidentally a Con Artist as well!

    Anyway, with that out of the way; about the new movie! It’s not the best cast for B.A. and Hannibal, but regardless this movie nails down the A-team perfectly!! I mean, if you’re a fan of the A-team there is no way you will not like this flick, you’ve gotta be pretty arrogant or pretty blind to be that way. Only one word: Fool. This movie COMPLETELY honors the characters and the essence of the show, and it is just one massive salute to the greatest TV show on earth.

    This movie is a tremendous tribute to the A-team and I guarantee that you will love it if you love the A-team (unless U were some pitiful fool). Especially FACE! I mean, I had no idea that they would actually be able to pull Face off! They really did though! Basically, it’s the exact same case of “Get Smart” the new flick with Steve Carell. That was a modern rendition which did not really corrupt much at all and was one total loving tribute to the show. The current renditions of A-team and GetSmart are actually both on the same level for accomplishment, so if you saw that then you got an idea of what to expect (Unlike the new StarTrek, but it was good for Kirk+Bones admittedly).

    Now, if you don’t know the A-team then as far as movies go, this is one dam entertaining film and you will definitely laugh, have fun, and be delighted to see some spectacular stuff with good old adventure, excitement, honor, friendship, and good guys taking care of business.

    Well, with all that in mind all I can say is I truly, truly hope they make a sequel!!!

  6. CoolMovies says:

    …Ice T. Got confused. I meant to say Ice CUBE. CUBE!! Duh…! 😀

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