Google Banks On Wallet

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Can Android’s native adoption of NFC convince the doubters to turn their phones into credit cards? Read this extract from my latest feature at TrustedReviews to find out… (link to the full article at the bottom).


Google Banks On Wallet

  • By Gordon Kelly
  • 27 May 2011

Like it or not, your future phones are going to gain the functionality of a credit card. It is driven by banks which want to encourage impulse purchases and lapped up by mobile phone makers who want a cut of the revenue. Even if you don’t use it thieves won’t know this and more will be stolen regardless. So if you can’t avoid the side effects, will the positives be worth it? They should be… in time.

Google Wallet is the latest company attempting to convince you of this. It announced Google Wallet this week, a contact based payment system for Android using Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC will be common to all handsets – regardless of manufacturer – as they make the transition to virtual credit cards. Google said Wallet trials will initially be limited to New York and San Francisco, a single handset (predictably the Nexus S) and one network (Sprint). It hardly sounds earth shattering, but look closer and you’ll see why it should be. READ ON

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