Problems with the Samsung Galaxy Tab

November 5, 2010 by  
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Reviewing products can be a very subjective business and few products seem to have split opinion more than the new Samsung Galaxy Tab which went on sale in the UK this week. Reviews have ranged from glowing to damning, but the most curious part is how varied the praise/criticism has been.

I recently tweeted my dislike for the Tab ahead of my review for TrustedReviews which promoted a lot a discussion. TR will be putting together a video review to illustrate some of the elements I discuss, but in the meantime here are a pair of videos illustrating two of the main problems I discovered with the Tab: how erractic the touchscreen response can be and the troublesome lag present in the web browser. I have high hopes for Android tablets, but for me this is a false dawn.

As ever thoughts and feedback are welcome – even if you disagree.

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