Spotify Can Replace Your iPod

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In an experiment for TrustedReviews I find out if music streaming services are ready for the big time… find an extract below.


Spotify Can Replace Your iPod.

  • By Gordon Kelly
  • 23 May 2011

Apple’s iCloud is the talk of the Internet, with it strongly expected to be the company’s long awaited music streaming service, but could there already be a streaming service capable of replacing Apple’s increasingly outdated iTunes and iPod model? We decided to run an iPhone experiment: goodbye iPod, hello Spotify.

The Terms

It couldn’t have been simpler. Remove all iPod music from an iPhone and move 100% to Spotify. Could we survive like this or are the theoretical benefits far removed from reality?

Why did we choose the iPhone and Spotify? Well, the iPhone bit was easy – we had one to hand, it is utterly ubiquitous, and of course it’s on this device that the iCloud is surely to be most thoroughly integrated. As for Spotify, again it is the most ubiquitous of the streaming services, with one of the largest music libraries. We could just as easily have chosen the likes of We7 or Napster, or indeed smart radio services like and Pandora, though we’ve never quite seen the latter as true personal listening alternatives.

Two weeks on the results are in.

The Upsides

The only way to describe removing all the music from your iPod is to compare it to a spring clean. That feeling of terror from what you have discarded, quickly followed by the relief and excitement of a clean slate. The amount of music we all carry around which we never listen to is huge and the instant creation of space is liberating. READ ON

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