The Idiocy of ‘Smart’ TVs

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Proving a hot topic is my latest editorial for TrustedReviews: ‘The Idiocy of Smart TVs’. Check out the sample below and to keep reading click on the ‘READ MORE’ link.


The Idiocy of Smart TV – Gordon Kelly

Look behind the superficiality of 3D and there was a second trend permeating the living room at CES 2011, one about which I have even greater reservations: smart televisions…

Walk the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre and in every direction were TVs that looked more like PCs than your traditional goggle box. Complex user interfaces showed off widgets, apps, app stores and even full web browsers. We were told the time for dumb TVs was over, that today’s TVs are smart, connected and just as capable as your PC.

The obvious question is why would you want your TV to be as smart as your PC? After all the role of your PC is to be your PC. We don’t ask our toasters to be kettles and I doubt we ever will do.

The Argument For
In short it comes down to an old favourite: size. Every TV manufacturer I spoke to had the same argument: the television is “the largest screen in your home”. It is also at the centre of your home and in front of your comfiest chairs so what could be better than having all the functionality of your computer right in front of you while relaxing on the sofa? It is the natural evolution of TV, it is step forward for convergence.

To which I say TV makers have completely missed the point…


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