The iPhone Camera is Better Than You Think

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There are many things the iPhone does well although for those interested I’ve also reviewed Just the Bad Points. Traditionally the iPhone’s infamously basic camera would feature in the latter category lacking a high resolution, autofocus, flash, zoom, image stabilisation but (and this is a big but) it isn’t nearly as bad as it is made out to be.

The reasons for this are a reasonably quick shutter action, decent low light performance and good colour reproduction. There is also a trick to getting half decent pictures with the iPhone camera: the photo is only taken when your finger is removed from the camera icon so you can prep shots much as you would with a standard compact or DSLR.

Now the iPhone camera is never going to be in the same league as dedicated cameraphones but just look what can be done with a little effort…

No Macro Mode but It's Not the End of the World

No Macro Mode but It Isn't the End of the World


Even Action Shots Aren't Impossible

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They’re not anywhere up to the standard of these samples, but here are some of my own efforts in recent times – most of which were taking during difficult lighting conditions.

[nggallery id=3]

Great credit to Photocritic for putting together an exhaustive gallery illustrating many brilliant examples of top notch iPhone photography. If you’re hungry for more then check out the full array from the link below.

Link: Photocritic – 100 Amazing iPhone Photos

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