The Repercussions of ‘Everything, Everywhere’

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TrustedReviews has published my latest thoughts as I take a look at the impact Orange / T-Mobile umbrella company Everything Everywhere will have on the UK telecoms market. It’s proving a hot topic so if you enjoy the extract below Read on.

The Repercussions of ‘Everything, Everywhere’

Gordon Kelly, 8 September

It all started exactly one year ago to the day. On 8 September 2009 T-Mobile and Orange announced they had agreed to merge their UK operations. The result: a new telecoms giant with 30m customers and a 37 per cent market share which left previous big hitters O2 (28 per cent) and Vodafone (25 per cent) looking decidedly small time.

12 months of OFT investigations and EC negotiations followed and on Monday newly created umbrella company Everything Everywhere announced customers would start seeing the deal’s first practical benefits with cross network sharing from 5 October. But is Everything Everywhere too good to be true? And just how are other networks going to react?

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