The New & (Hopefully) Improved

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Not too much to say, except use your eyes, ears and mouse clicks but since announcing a blog and hosting transfer nine days ago it has been all hands to the pump (well, outside the daylight TR hours) to produce what you see in front of you.

In With The New

In With The New

Early MySQL issues seem to have been fixed and it has been quite a transition from the original – a basic WordPress blog – which itself only launched in early January. A huge amount of credit must go to my great friend Lars-Göran Nilsson, formerly my colleague at TrustedReviews and author of Without his tireless contributions this simply wouldn’t be here.

As for stats, traffic has been good (321.05% up on the Google Analytics’ benchmarking targets) and it seems I’ve been keeping your attention so far with the average visitor time spent on the new site 7 mins 8 seconds, a nice 909.81% up on benchmarking.

Benchmarking, shmenchmarking however we live to different blog standards here *cough* for a higher, more demanding class of reader *choke/collapse*. So please have a flick around, test out some of the new widgets and subscription options, type some comments and I’ll do my best to answer every single one of them.

Keep telling me what I’m doing wrong (I’ll attempt to do less of it) and hopefully a smidgen of what I’m doing right (I’ll do… you got it – see you are a higher class of reader!).


5 Responses to “The New & (Hopefully) Improved”
  1. Ohmz says:

    Love the new redesign, well done sir!

    You’re the only British blog I subscribe to, nice to get a different perspective on things instead of the usual Canadian/American attitudes. On that note, could you recommend some other interesting British blokes?

    I hope I used blokes correctly there…

  2. Gordon says:

    Thanks Ohmz, I’m flattered.
    I’ll be putting a full blog roll up in the very near future 😉

  3. Andy says:

    Next you’ll be publishing a press release, right?

  4. Gordon says:

    Haha, good to hear from you Andy. Not quite. The day I publish a press release will be a sad day and you have permission to shoot me. At least if it ever sounds anything like a traditional press release…!


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