Why Apple Needs Jonathan Ive More Than Steve Jobs

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The iPad 2 has just been announced, but something far more important happened to Apple earlier in the week: the news head designer Jonathan Ive might quit. Why is this such big news? Read on below to find out and if you enjoy this sample find the full editorial over at TrustedReviews.


Why Apple Needs Jonathan Ive More Than Steve Jobs


Tonight Apple will unveil the iPad 2 and the most important person at Apple will not take the stage. That man is not Steve Jobs. It is Jonathan Ive.

Like Jobs, recent tabloid speculation has suggested Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design may have to leave the company. Unlike Jobs this is not down to illness, but family. The Sunday Times reports London born Ive wants to return to the UK to have his children educated in England, a move Apple allegedly does not support.

“They have told him in no uncertain terms that if he headed back to England he would not be able to sustain his position with them,” claims The Sunday Times’ source. Apple has declined to comment, a decision it knows will only lend the story further credence – true or not. To lose Jobs would be gravely unfortunate, to allow Ive to walk out the door would be suicidal.

Why is Ive so important? Because he is the one man who suggests Apple can work without Steve Jobs.


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