Why Apple Runs Shy of The Cloud

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Experts will point to iTunes as the glue which holds Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad reign of dominance together. This is nothing new. What is more interesting is why the rise of the Cloud could dismantle it all…

Why Apple Runs Shy of The Cloud

So Wednesday brought about the launch of the iPad 2. The media swooned, then there was a predictable backlash. By turns the new device has been seen as the tablet to sweep away all pretenders and a disappointing evolutionary upgrade. As ever the truth lies somewhere in the middle. What has received far less attention, however, is what Apple didn’t announce on Wednesday and that is what I find most interesting of all…

Where the hell is Apple’s Cloud strategy? A knowledgeable snooker fan knows you watch the path of the white ball around the table, not the pots. A similar relationship exists between hardware and software. Apple may be able to distract punters with shiny new hardware, but it is software that is the real key and here the company’s positioning seems some way off.


This may sound like heresy. After all isn’t Apple’s greatest strength its ability produce beautiful, intuitive software polished within an inch of its life? Most certainly, but it doesn’t mean the two notions are mutually exclusive. One is software, the other services. More to the point I’d argue the business model which currently serves Apple so well will increasingly become a noose around its neck if it keeps refusing to evolve.


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