Windows 8 Is Microsoft’s Riskiest Product to Date

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A somewhat late link to my weekend TrustedReviews feature: Why there has never been a more exciting or more troubling product to emerge from the Redmond giant.


Windows 8 Is Microsoft’s Riskiest Product to Date

  • By Gordon Kelly
  • 04 June 2011

We hadn’t seen Windows 8 until Wednesday, but most of us already had a decent idea of what to expect: a Windows/Windows Phone hybrid. It is exactly what we got and the reality is every bit as exciting and every bit as troubled as we had expected.

Having been a big fan of recent Microsoft moves we’ll start with the positives and the most positive aspect of Windows 8 is its ambition. Microsoft is calling Windows 8 a “new platform” and it is the first radical shake-up of Windows’ underlying code for more than 15 years. It offers both a Windows Phone-esque ‘Metro’ live tile touch friendly interface and a standard desktop experience with the ability to switch between and even merge them at will. According to Microsoft this is no mere skin, the live tile UI is a core part of the OS….

…Given Windows 8’s support of ARM chips… Laptop, PC and tablet can all coexist: three different form factors across two fundamentally different chipset technologies. In fact it makes Apple’s tablet policy – essentially ‘a big iPod touch’ – look limited and short sighted. The problem is: what if the reality is actually the other way round? READ ON

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