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As in 2011 TomTom has allowed me to publish and promote my professional copyrighting. Typically this work is not published due to non-disclosure agreements.

The brief this year was to update all 11 of the company’s existing 2011 brochures with new product information, adjust the tone to be more direct and authoritative and modernise the layouts putting a greater emphasis on white space. Further customisation was also required for each industry sector and, given the complexity of the products and services at hand, it was crucial to make them concise and digestible. All targets were achieved in a maximum of 3 drafts per brochure and signed off 5 days ahead of schedule.

Below are links to download the brochures in PDF format and beneath them is a sample image in jpg format of ‘Maps & Enhanced Content’ – TomTom’s main B2B brochure which will enlarge when clicked. As with my feature writing, editorials and reviews, interested parties should contact me via any of the methods listed on my Contact page. You may also wish to view my LinkedIn profile which has extensive written recommendations and skill endorsements.

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