ACS T2 Dual Driver Monitor

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When we have a passion for something we simply want the best money can buy. On TrustedReviews this week I reviewed ACS’ T2 monitors, the best earphones I have ever used (and that’s a lot). Find a sample of my review below and find the full review here.

ACS T2 Dual Driver Monitor

  • Reviewed by Gordon Kelly
  • 19 March 2011

What is ‘value for money’? When a product is cheap, well featured and well made it is easy to assess. It is good value for everyone. Where the problems start is when the price goes up. The Sony Vaio Z Series is the best portable laptop on the market, but at £2,400 is it good value for money? Perhaps. The Dyson Air Multiplier is the best desktop fan, but it costs £199. Is this worse value for money because it is ‘just a fan’? Ultimately value for money comes down to individual requirements and personal finances. The rule is it’s subjective. And if this is something of a drop intro apologies, but value for money is the fundamental quandary when reviewing ACS‘s truly remarkable T2 monitors.

Let’s get it out of the way. If you want a pair of T2s you will have to find £499. For £510 you can buy a 16GB iPhone 4. For £569 you can take home a 40in Sony Bravia KDL-40EX503 television. Are we in ‘just a fan’ territory? Why on earth would you spend £500 on a pair of earphones? And here’s the hard bit: you should.

There are obvious caveats. Are you an audiophile? If you don’t obsessively rip your music at the best possible bitrates (or still insist on buying the CD) then the T2s aren’t for you. If you don’t own a phone, a TV or decent laptop then prioritise, what are you thinking? Do you have a large mortgage to pay? An ex-wife to appease? Best stop reading now, because the next 1,200 words won’t make you feel better about your life. On the other hand if you can consider spending £500 on a pair of earphones find a comfy chair and start stroking your credit card because you’re about to learn these are the ones to get.


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