Amazon Kindle 3 (3G+WiFi)

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You can read my full reviews of the third generation Amazon Kindle on TrustedReviews and Wired, but before you get stuck into that here are the potential deal breakers in this hugely exciting device:

JtBP is about showing you what is wrong, contentious, or downright bubble headed about products. The reasons you might not want to spend your hard earned cash on them. So before you commit to reading lengthy reviews here’s what you should be wary of with Apple’s new iPods:

Amazon Kindle 3 (3G + WiFi)

  • No touchscreen support
  • No EPUB support makes the Kindle incompatible with rival eBook stores unless a format converter is subsequently used
  • Battery life may be up to one month, but web browsing can kill it in a few days
  • E-Ink display has better contrast and refresh rates than its predecessor, but there is still a short delay in turning pages
  • No carry case supplied as standard
  • No expandable memory (4GB internal storage should be ample)
  • MP3 player rudimentary and playback limited to order files were transferred to the device
  • Kindle store is vast, but major omissions still exist
  • No screen backlight so night time reading requires a light

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