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Breathe new life into your HiFi system with this high quality discrete DAC.

Price as reviewed £149.00

Overall 9/10

Key Features

  • Integrated TI Burr-Brown PCM5102 DAC
  • Optical & Coaxial inputs
  • Dual RCA outputs
  • 10Hz – 20kHz Frequency Response

Much like your favourite band, when technology companies get on a roll you just want them to keep doing what they are doing. This rarely works with bands determined to change things around and technology companies determined to chase the latest fashion or fad. Happily Arcam knows when it is on to a good thing.

The rLink is the latest addition to the company’s rSeries line of audiophile grade products that integrate a Burr-Brown DAC in various form factors to enhance your listening enjoyment. It follows the rPAC (a USB powered headphone amplifier), and drDock (a iPhone/iPad charge dock with audio and video outputs) and is arguably the simplest of the bunch: a wired DAC that cleans up a digital source (be it from a TV, games console, media player, etc) on its way to your speakers or hi-fi.

Essentially this means the Arcam rLink is a middleman that – if it does its job well – will breathe new life into existing equipment. To set about this the rLink has coaxial and optical inputs on one side and left/right RCA outputs on the other. There is also a power port alongside the inputs as, unlike the rPAC, none of these sources can power the device. Setup is merely a case of connecting the source device and destination output to the rLink and switching it on at the power socket. This is the true definition of plug and play.

Much like a good referee, the role of the rLink is therefore to be heard, but not seen and as such it has a deliberately innocuous appearance somewhat akin to a rectangular Apple TV. At 100 x 75 x 25mm it is of a similar size too, but weighs a noticeable 350g.

In a lounge-based scenario the weight is a good thing as it comes from premium build materials. This is a sample, read the full review at TrustedReviews

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