Audio Pro LV2e Wireless Speakers

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High quality, wireless, room-filling audio has never been easier to achieve.

Price as reviewed £700.00

Overall 9/10

Key Features

  • Wireless, Lossless 100W speakers
  • Integrated Burr-Brown DACs
  • ‘House Codes’ zonal streaming system
  • Multi-volume control remote
  • USB Transmitter with integrated sample rate converter
  • Black, Red or White leather finish

Audio Pro has a problem with wires. The 34 year old Swedish audio specialist has developed a laser-like focus on wireless products in recent years and its latest speaker system takes this to new extremes.

The catchily named ‘LV2e’ is a wireless, lossless, speaker system aimed at space saving audiophiles with a hatred of clutter. The concept is simple: the LV2e system uses a dedicated, protected wireless protocol which is built into each speaker and allows transmission in full CD quality. The speakers automatically pair with a driverless USB dongle which can turn any computer, TV, HiFi or dock into the audio source. Easy.

To enable complete independence each speaker has its own power cable and – since they take their stereo source from the dongle – have no need to be physically connected. This means you can position each speaker anywhere in a room. As for the dongle its USB connection can be plugged into a PC or USB AC adaptor and it has a 3.5mm jack for connecting virtually any device. Streaming is almost instantaneous (just a 20ms delay) and since it uses WiFi it has a range which should cover most households.

Where things get a smart added twist is Audio Pro’s dongle which can transmit in three different network frequencies, which it calls ‘house codes’. These can be adjusted on the dongles by simply sliding a switch between positions 1, 2 and 3. What this opens up is the ability to have multiple LV2e speakers around a home. If this sounds familiar it is because Audio Pro sells a similar dongle-only system, comprising the WF100 Wireless Transmitter and RX100 receiver, which is used to add wireless functionality between any source and speaker system. Think Sonos on a budget.

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