Ceratec CeraAIR Two AirPlay Speakers

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The best looking AirPlay dock yet, but can the audio match up?

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Reviewed 18 July 2012

Price as reviewed £499.00

Overall 7/10

Key Features

  • 2x 50W speakers
  • Anodised aluminium chassis
  • Bundled AirPort Express unit
  • Adjustable bass
  • Wall mountable
When reviewing products few things are more enjoyable than being impressed by a company you hadn’t previously come across. This is only amplified when the product in question is entering one of the most brutal sectors in technology today: audio docks.
The name which doesn’t trip off the tongue is Ceratec, a German audio specialist that has previously had little contact with the UK. It has come up with the ‘CeraAir Two’ and out of the box impressions are immediately positive as the dock is a stunning piece of design.

The tubular form factor (67 x 16 x 16cm) is machined out of anodised aluminium giving it weight (6Kg) and the unmistakable feel of quality. Pressing this point further are polished stainless steel speaker and bass ends while the drivers are covered by punched honeycomb steal with premium fabric finish. Black, white, silver and red are the default colour options, but Ceratec offers a personalisation service where any RAL colour can be chosen for an extra charge. A further nice touch is the base doubles as a bracket allowing it to be easily wall mounted.

The overall effect is better than any speaker dock we have seen and even outdoes the iconic design of the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air. Rivals take note.

Whereas Ceratec has gone to town on the CeraAir Two’s styling its functionality is more streamlined. This is a sample, read the full review on TrustedReviews.

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