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Dropbox isn’t the only option anymore, but is it still the best?


If you didn’t know much about Cloud storage, then the media storm surrounding the launch of Google Drive would suggest you are now well aware of the concept. What you may not realise is that Google Drive arrives late into a crowded market and with many key features missing. So which Cloud storage service should you actually use?

The reigning king is Dropbox, a service whose rise we covered just last month. Dropbox has been on the market since 2008 and attained more than 50m users. Its key is both its simplicity and ubiquity with it appearing on every major operating system: computer, smartphone and tablet. Google clearly thinks it can challenge Dropbox though and it is not alone. Microsoft’s SkyDrive service offers similar functionality and was actually first on the scene launching in 2007. At the opposite end of the scale we have iCloud, Apple’s Cloud storage and backup system for Mac OS X and iOS devices which was released only in October last year.

The sector is not limited to rivals from mega corporations either. Independent company SugarSync has been around for as long as Dropbox and gained numerous fans for its comprehensive functionality. Meanwhile security specialist Trend Micro has managed to win hearts and minds honing its security expertise with potent underdog ‘SafeSync’.

Which to choose can therefore be a matter of personal requirements, but we have found some universal elements to help make your decision that little bit easier:

Capacity – as the saying goes, size matters so how much storage is available on each platform and what are the limits on individual file sizes, if any?

Functionality – what can each Cloud service do beyond being a big online hard drive?

Availability – Cloud storage and synchronisation is meant to make your files available anywhere, but is that really the case?

Privacy – upload your data to a Cloud storage service and what can be done with it? Do you even still own it?

Pricing ­- how much free data is offered and is it good value to upgrade to large amounts?

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