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A handheld that can also replace a full size machine? Clever.

Review Price £279.99

Our Score 8/10


  • A potential two-in-one hybrid device
  • Superb cleaning performance
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable & well balanced as a full size vacuum


  • Won’t replace vacuum in a large property
  • Much more expensive than a dedicated portable vacuum
  • Charge dock feels cheap
Key Features: 104,000rpm motor; Cylcone Technology; 20 minute battery life (eight minutes on max); Four bundled cleaning heads; Bagless design; Lifetime filter


‘Evolution not revolution’ is a phrase that has become all too familiar in recent years and it would seem to fit the ‘DC44’ perfectly. Both visually and numerically the handheld vacuum appears to be the logical successor to Dyson’s ‘DC35’, so we were rather surprised to hear the company thinks it will change the way we look at vacuuming forever. And it just might…


None of this comes through at first sight. Sit the DC44 before the DC35 and it is quite hard to tell the difference. Aside from a more matched colour scheme the DC44 looks identical to its forebear and has the same dimensions (205 x 115 x 322mm) and weight (1.33Kg).


Construction is also the same. It’s made from hardwearing, but primarily plastic materials with a gun-style trigger that’s pressed and released to start/stop operation. The removable battery sits horizontally underneath the trigger and there is a clear plastic bin for dirt which empties unceremoniously by flipping open at the bottom when the vertically mounted red release catch is pushed – careful you aim it the right way as it opens towards you!


Meanwhile the bulbous head of the DC44 hides Dyson’s patented ‘cyclone technology‘ which uses centrifugal forces to spin dirt around the sides of the bin as it is collected to avoid it clogging up the filters and reducing suction. Behind the cyclones is the motor (more of which below) and at the front is the nozzle where appropriate accessories can, with consummate ease, be snapped in to tackle different cleaning tasks. This is a sample, read the full review at TrustedReviews


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