Exclusive: Vuzix Wrap 1200 Video Eyewear review

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Video glasses may be our future, but I investigate whether they are ready to be our present…

Exclusive: Vuzix Wrap 1200 Video Eyewear review

In almost every Science Fiction film there is a moment where the lead puts on some glasses which enhance the world around them. The concept appeals to little kid in all of us, that we may somehow see things better than everyone else without their knowledge. Furthermore in a world increasingly dominated by small screens, where visibility is traded against portability, the need for our devices to present information in a more easily digestible format is growing. All of which pains me to say: we’re not quite there yet…
The latest attempt to make our Sci-Fi dreams reality comes from Vuzix. The company has pedigree having made video eyewear for 14 years and is currently under contract with DARPA to develop its next generation of military heads up displays. In the meantime it has launched the ‘Wrap 1200’ for consumers which it hopes will be the launch point for taking video eyewear into the mainstream.

On paper the specs are certainly impressive. Vuzix boasts the Wrap 1200 gives wearers the impression of watching a 75in screen from 3m away, the standard living room viewing distance. It can display in 16:9 widescreen and good old 4:3 aspect ratios, is both 2D and 3D compatible, has an onscreen menu system and twin 852 x 480 pixel panels for each eye. The Wrap 1200 works with virtually any device featuring video out such as smartphones, iPhones, iPods, portable DVD players, tablets and games consoles.

Crucially, unlike many previous video glasses, the Wrap 1200 is also fully adjustable.  The company’s ‘AccuTilt’ display technology allows users to independently tweak left and right eye focus and match their own IPD (Interpupillary Distance or eye separation) for optimum placement in front of each eye (much like binoculars). Furthermore there is an adjustable hypoallergenic nosepiece which enables the Wrap 1200 to be worn over glasses and noise-isolating earphones are included, though you can plug in your own if you prefer. It sounds good, but the first doubts creep in when you open the box. Continue Reading

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