GenevaSound Model M Speaker Dock

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GenevaSound returns with a new version of its £550 Model M iPod dock. It looks like an enlarged Model S, but is bigger always better? Here is an extract of my thoughts for TrustedReviews


GenevaSound Model M Speaker Dock

  • Reviewed by Gordon Kelly
  • 15 June 2011

Our Rating

  • 6/10

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  • Design
  • Features
  • Sound Quality
  • Usability
  • Value
Price as reviewed: £549.00

There must be a glitch in the Matrix because we’re experiencing an extreme case of déjà vu. In October we reviewed GenevaSound’s excellent Model S and now the company has released the updated ‘Model M’, the midrange offering in a product line of S, M, L and XL docks. We liked the Model S so déjà vu must be a good thing, right? Sadly it is more complicated than that.

Our sense of familiarity kicked in the moment we took the Model M out of its box. From almost all angles it looks indistinguishable from the Model S. It has the same minimalistic styling and angular corners, the same circular bulge in its speaker mesh and even the same LED display blinking through it to indicate the input source or (in standby) the time. The design provokes something of a Marmite love it/hate it response – one comment was it looks like the Model S’s box! – but it is hard to criticise the consistency in GenevaSound’s Russian Doll product line.

That said where the two products do differ, surprisingly it is the Model M which lets the side down.  READ ON

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