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Is HTC’s latest attempt to smartphone that appeals to women successful, or even necessary?

HTC Rhyme Android smartphone

Pros: Slick design, unique accessories make the Rhyme stand out from the pack, and *whisper it* there is female appeal
Cons: Poor camera, mediocre call quality, overpriced for the performance it musters

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Verdict: The HTC Rhyme would be a welcome and unique mid-range phone, but unless you find a cheap contract deal it’s far too expensive for what it offers

Approaching women. Just the phrase is enough to make grown men tremble. When young, the most common solution is to pretend it isn’t an approach at all, and since it was formed in 1997, it’s clear HTC is one terrified teen. According to the Taiwanese firm, the HTC Rhyme isn’t targeting women. It just so happens to come in purple/dark pink, have matching accessories and bundle a ‘Charm’ indicator for your bag that provides soft glowing pink notifications to signal incoming calls and messages. What? Clearly the Charm could be for a briefcase!


HTC Rhyme - plum

Fashion sense

To HTC’s credit, while it may hide the Rhyme’s true audience under a pile of politically correct marketing rhetoric, it doesn’t talk down to them. The Rhyme keeps pace with the Taiwanese manufacturer’s increasingly adept design aesthetic, creating a smartphone that cleverly blends the flat fascia and rear with heavily rounded corners and gently curved sides. This produces a handset that is equally pleasant on the eye as in the hand. It is what an iPhone 4S might feel like if it were left in a stream for a thousand years.

It isn’t all good news though. HTC describes the Rhyme as having a unibody design, but the 3.7-inch screen and bezel are clearly separate from the rest of the metallic fascia and the rear is in three parts.  The lowest of these slides off to reveal the (non-removable) battery, microSD and SIM card slots. The problem is it’s so flimsy it could be snapped in one hand.


Thankfully, the Rhyme isn’t all show and no go. Squarely positioned as a mid-market device, HTC has equipped it with a single-core 1GHz processor, a healthy 768MB of RAM and 1GB of internal storage bolstered by an 8GB microSD card for the 32GB compatible slot. The record and snap brigade are sated with a five-megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash as well as a VGA front-facing camera and 720p HD video recording. DLNA is thrown in too so you can wirelessly stream media to DLNA compatible TVs, consoles and DVD/Blu-ray players.

Meanwhile, connectivity is decent too. Continue reading


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