RIM BlackBerry Storm

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RIM’s first entry into the ever expanding world of touchscreen devices was inevitable but first generation products are notoriously poor. Has the BlackBerry Storm fallen foul to this rule?

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RIM BlackBerry Storm Review – Just the Bad Points


BlackBerry Storm

  • No WiFi
  • Touchscreen display slides around under finger, not just depresses
  • Dust gets under the screen
  • Virtual Qwerty keyboard is a love it/hate it affair (I side with the latter)
  • 155g weight is heavier than iPhone 3G, Samsung Pixon and LG Renoir
  • Impossible to recommend to anyone without them trying it.
  • The ultimate Marmite smartphone.


2 Responses to “RIM BlackBerry Storm”
  1. Wilson says:

    I never understood all that stuff such as GMS, etc. Itravel a lot and I was looking at buying the Blackberry Storm. Most of my work is oversea, Europe, Africa, Asia and so on. If I purchase the Storm can I get voice, data, email and text in those locations?

  2. Gordon says:

    Hi Wilson, apologies for the delay in getting back to you – post CES is always a manic week.

    The Storm should work all over the world but what you need to check are the voice, data and email ROAMING rates. These can be crippling. In the UK for example it costs £6 per megabyte (!) to surf in the US.

    If you spend a lot of time in these or one particular foreign country it can be cheaper to purchase a handset and native sim card there instead.