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So, bring on that most monstrous of beasts:

Read the Rules if you aren’t familiar with my already seemingly cult and contentious reviews’ system. In short, with JtBP I save the gushing praise for every other review you’ll readand bring you the bullet points on any potential deal breakers with something before you commit to the long winded waffle on your favourite sites/publications. It’s a time saver.

Windows 7 Public Beta – Just the Bad Points9132-peekbefore1

  • It’s an evolution of Vista, not a revolution and not XP. Vista done properly is still Vista for many
  • The new taskbar reeks of MAC OS X/some Linux builds and though I think that’s a great thing – many prefer to stick with what they know and it does present a learning curve
  • Home networking is still more fiddly than it should be
  • Jumps Lists while potentially very useful currently only seem anywhere near their potential with Microsoft’s own programmes
  • Sleep and Hibernate remain twitchy on various hardware setups
  • You will find some of your favourite programmes don’t work (CloneDrive *sniff*)
  • Antivirus support is scant. Trials of Norton (which doesn’t then play nicely with Word 2007) and Kaspersky last less than a month leaving AVG as your best option

Now I’m breaking with tradition just this once however because I feel compelled to say BUT it’s better, so much better than it should be. It’s lean, mean and remarkably stable. In fact, I’ve already adopted it as my primary OS and it may just stop me buying a Mac…

I’ll give you guys another update in a few months as Microsoft continues the shaping but if you aren’t a technologically frigid I can only advise: try it.

Ok, I can’t possibly end on a positive so… hmmmn. Oh yes, IE remains stuck in a time warp and hopelessly, painfully, embarrassingly behind the likes of Firefox, Opera and Chrome. That’s a negative – kinda.


6 Responses to “Windows 7 Public Beta”
  1. DrDark says:

    Has it crashed on you yet? It’s bluescreened twice for me with a Memory Parity Error on my NC10. But I am loving the new taskbar, new mini-system tray icons, jumplists an’ all. Windows explorer does seem to get less useful with every new edition though…

  2. Gordon says:

    @DrDark – no I have to say I’ve been lucky, but I am running it on a fairly powerful, fairly new (12 months old) Samsung X65 laptop which may help with compatibility.

    There are quirks such as the Word 2007/Norton clash but my crashes have been primarily restricted to third party apps, not Windows 7 itself. Snagit 9 has crashed on me a few times, for example.

    Clearly Windows 7 is already a better and more stable OS than Vista was at official launch and also a far more timely one. Let’s hope it really is polished to a fine shine when it eventually launches.

  3. chris says:

    Hmm, I was interested until you said it may stop you getting a mac, anyone who even considers buying a mac clearly doesnt have a clue and should be killed for the good of humanity. PC is just better.

  4. Gordon says:

    @chris – haha, I think we all need to up periscope now and again to check both sides to make sure our selection of solutions are the best 😉


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