Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

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Can a keyboard be cool? When it is beautifully designed, brilliantly built and runs entirely on its own solar power – yes. Check out this sample from my TrustedReviews review. For the full review click the link at the end of the extract.

Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

Keyboards. In all honesty they’re not very exciting. Except for this one. With ‘K750 Solar Keyboard’ Logitech has grabbed us by the scruff of the neck and shouted “Get a load of this!”

What is ‘this’ exactly? The descriptive name tells you the basics. It is a solar powered keyboard. What the fairly soulless branding doesn’t imply, however, is what a remarkably good job Logitech has made of it.

The positive impressions start the moment you begin unboxing. Logitech has used minimalist recyclable packaging and it could almost fit through your letterbox. Open it up and you’ll find the setup instructions, support numbers printed on the box itself – there is no manual or CD. Four pieces of reclaimed cardboard hold the keyboard in place and just the keyboard, its wireless receiver and a wipe cloth are enclosed. It’s elegant and an PVC-free example to others how a little bit of thought can go a long way.

Lift out the K750 and the first thing you’ll notice is how thin it is. At just 7.5mm thick it is certainly the slimmest keyboard we’ve have seen, but it feels no less durable for it. A near unibody design means the K750 suffers from none of the creaks, groans and rattles of a typical keyboard and you will want to fondle it in a way that is positively indecent.

Build quality aside, the second thing you’ll spot are the two long solar strips. Here is where the magic happens. Much like any other solar device, the K750 uses light (both sunlight and artificial light) to charge its internal (but removable) battery. Where it differs is what Logitech says this solar technology can achieve. In contrast to the typically weak stamina of most solar products, the K750 is exceptional. READ ON

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