My Favourite Product of 2010…

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…but it wasn’t published until 1 January 2011. If you love music and you have the cash read my review of the best speaker dock on the planet then go buy one. Hurry up!

Arcam rCube Review

Arcam rCube award editors
“The world’s best iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock”.

That is one ballsy opening sentence, but it is exactly how Arcam introduced the rCube, a dock which arose from over three years of R&D. “No ifs, no buts – the best iPod sound system so far,” it continues – and the thing is, Arcam’s right…

Pull the rCube from its box and you wouldn’t expect to draw such a conclusion. Not because the dock is poorly made, but because it doesn’t announce itself with the pomp and ceremony of incumbent champ the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin. Whereas the Zeppelin’s stretched oval lines are a bombastic fashion statement that demands your attention the rCube is, well, a cube…

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