Orbitsound T9 Soundbar & Dock

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A tiny soundbar/dock with epic performance and a budget price…

Price as reviewed £199.00

Overall 9/10

Key Features

  • Proprietary spatial stereo technology
  • 140RMS 2.1 arrangement
  • Apple dock connector
  • 3,5mm, stereo phono & S/PDIF inputs
  • Remote control with bass & treble adjustment

We may as well accept it: convenience wins out, and in many cases convenience means bulk. Gone are bulky televisions, laptops and brick-shaped phones while elaborate setups like 5.1 speaker systems are deemed too substantial and complex for our increasingly minimalist sense of style. Step forward Orbitsound…

The company famous for its spatial stereo technology has come up with the ‘T9’, a drastically smaller version of its long running T12 soundbar. Naturally enough Orbitsound claims this little brother will still deliver jaw dropping audio, but out the box this is initially hard to believe.


Whereas the T12 soundbar was already compact measuring just 605 x 110 x 100mm, the T9 is less than half its length at 300mm with its depth and width a mere 94mm. It is smaller than a shoebox… made for one shoe. The accompanying subwoofer has also been hit by a shrink ray. While the T12 sub came in at 460 x 230 x 230mm, the T9’s sub is 344 x 230 x 139mm meaning the whole unit should squeeze into the tightest of home cinema setups and appease even the most technophobic of partners.

Given the focus on compactness it is no surprise that Orbitsound has also made the T9’s look discrete. Available in black or white, the units are made from lacquered wood (Orbitsound claims this reduces resonance) and each has a smart – if not matching – finish with good build quality. We also particularly like the magnetically attached speaker grill of the soundbar which makes it easy to remove or attach, depending on whether you prefer your drivers hidden or exposed. Less welcome is the sunken iPod dock which means you won’t be connecting an iPad without an adaptor. When plenty of other docks have achieved this in an elegant manner, this is something of a let down. This is a sample, read the rest of the review at TrustedReviews.

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