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Let’s face it, travel speakers are usually rubbish, but what about a 400g travel speaker with 15W output, 60 hour battery life and an anodised aluminium construction to deal with the rough and tumble? Now we’re talking…


Pasce Minirig speaker review

17 November 11
Wired Rating


Wired: Exceptional volume and sound quality, compact design, premium build quality, class redefining battery life and a low price make the Pasce Minirig the portable speaker to beat. A remarkable first product

Tired: The absence of wireless streaming may disappoint some

Price: £85

“How did you get into that?” It is probably the question I get asked most when people find out I review gadgets for a living. The truth is, much like movie critics who have to watch everything, gadget reviewing isn’t always as fun as it sounds. Major products are typically impressive and no-name brands usually rubbish. Instead, the real enjoyment comes when your expectations are blown out the water.

Pasce is a one-man British company selling one product” a portable speaker called the Minirig. It recently went on sale after three years of development and I believe it will come to redefine what we think is possible from affordable, portable audio. Why? Four main reasons.

Build quality.
At first glance the Minirig looks familiar. The cylindrical form factor is popular (it allows a speaker to fit the base) and the metallic finish suggests another Apple-wannabe. The metallic finish is actually a single machined piece of anodised aluminium, while rings at the top and bottom are hardwearing polycarbonate carved with the Minirig moniker.These are top-quality build materials atypical of the cheap plastic components which partly give portable speakers their poor reputation.

Attention to detail.
Look closely at the Minirig and you will notice something unusual: three vertically aligned inputs. In the middle is the power socket, while the top and bottom are two 3.5mm jacks. The top is high gain, the bottom low gain. The bottom is therefore for general use with a high signal-to-noise ratio, while the top enables maximum volume to be attained from devices with underwhelming output such as small MP3 players. It also allows multiple Minirigs to be chained together, in this configuration automatic detection switches either jack to high gain.

Furthermore there is no power switch. Simply unplug the Minirig and it switches off, plug it in and it switches on. Meanwhile a colourful LED transitions from green to blue, purple then red as battery life drains (more on this later). Continue reading

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