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In recent weeks I’ve been playing with arguably the most desirable laptop in the world, Samsung’s MacBook Air beater: the 9 Series. Here is what I made of it for Wired UK


Samsung 900X3A 9 Series Laptop Review

26 April 11

Travel a lot? Work a lot? Earn a lot? Likelihood is the first two are more common than the last, but if you are lucky enough to achieve the third then Samsung has a laptop for you.

The “900X3A” is an ultra light 13.3-inch laptop the company hopes will steer potential Apple converts away from the MacBook Air. It is part of the “9 Series”, Samsung’s flagship brand for its leading products and will soon be joined by an 11-inch model that threatens to be even more lust worthy.

So what does the 900X3A bring to the table? The first thing you will notice is its size, or rather the lack of it. At 16.3mm, tapering to 15.9in, the 900X3A is arguably thinner than the equivalent size Air which measures 17mm at its thickest point, though it does then taper to a cake-cuttingly sharp 3mm. Likewise the 900X3A has the slightest of advantages when it comes to weight, tipping the scales at 1.31Kg verses the Air’s 1.32Kg.

Such slender advantages may be the basis for evangelical marketing campaigns (World’s Lightest/Thinnest, etc), but in reality both it and the Air are equally portable which has us looking for other differences. Besides looks closer and you’ll discover size is their only similarity. READ ON

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