Samsung Chromebook

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Can the first Chrome OS laptop successfully move us to the Cloud, lock, stock and barrel? Find out by reading the extract on my full review for TrustedReviews below then clicking on the ‘Read On’ link below.


Samsung Chromebook

Price as reviewed: £350.00

  • Reviewed by Gordon Kelly
  • 09 July 2011

Our Rating

  • 6/10

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  • Battery Life
  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Value
How do you use your computer? This may seem a silly question, but you need to think about it long and hard because every pro and every con in this review will return to this one question. We’ll show you want we mean…

As you are no doubt aware, the Samsung Chromebook is the first commercially available, mass market computer based on Google’s Chrome OS. As such expectations are different. With most modern PCs users pick Mac OS, Windows or Linux. The software is a known quantity and the challenge is choosing the right hardware to go with it. Conversely for Samsung it has the brief luxury of being the only major Chrome OS device on the market, but it will be judged as a package, both on its hardware and for Google’s software.

Consequently while we wouldn’t spend a great deal of time speaking about the operating system in a typical laptop review here it is a cornerstone. As such we’ll tackle the Samsung Chromebook in two parts: 1. How well Samsung has managed to build hardware around Chrome OS, and 2. Regardless is Chrome OS worth using?

First, point one… READ ON

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