Sony Ericsson Xperia Active

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Keep fit and healthy with a smartphone that proves size matters less than style and smarts.


Sony Ericsson Xperia Active

Maria Sharapova doesn’t have much luck with phones. She was the famous face of Motorola during the latter years of the ill-fated RAZR reign before switching allegiance to struggling Sony Ericsson during a time when it produced wave after wave of feature phones while smartphones flourished.

That said, 2011 has seen both Sharapova and Sony Ericsson find focus and form and with Sharapova fronting the campaign for the new Android-powered Xperia Active, both should have another smash on their hands.

As the name suggests the ‘Active’ is targeting the more energetic members of society and it does this in a number of clever ways. Out of the box, the most apparent of these is size. At just 92 x 55mm the Active has a surprisingly small footprint compared to today’s monstrous handsets, though a ruggedized exterior means it is a hefty 16mm thick.

This gives the Active an Xperia Mini-esque ‘small-but-chunky’ appearance, though its build quality far exceeds the Mini with a tasteful rubberised rear, toughened metal rim and wholly touch-sensitive home, back and context keys. At 110.8g there isn’t a great weight penalty to be paid either, suggesting the premise for the Active is to be pocket friendly and withstand the elements, but that is only the start. Continue reading

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