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A triple driver IEM arrives to battle the ACS’ dual driver T2 for the crown of best £500 IEM. Can it win? Read the extract from my full review at TrustedReviews.


Unique Melody Aero

  • Reviewed by Gordon Kelly
  • 23 June 2011

Unique Melody is a company with ambition. After years as an audiophile’s secret, the high-end Chinese custom IEM maker is coming to the UK in conjunction with specialist distributor AmpCity. It is arriving with a bang. In March it announcedfour premium models: the £405 dual driver Marvel, the £475 triple driver Aero, £595 quadruple driver Mage and mind numbing six driver £795 Miracle (and they’ve just added a five driver model as well, the Merlin). We’ll have a review of the Mage for you shortly, but today it is the turn of the Aero.

It may be the entry level model, but with a current asking price of £455 (plus £20 to get some moulds of your ears taken) it is fair to set expectations high. Initial impressions suggest these will be met. Like any custom moulded in-ear monitor (IEM) the snag is you cannot try before you buy, but put your money where your mouth is and Unique Melody will let you choose any colour and any artwork you like inclusive in the price.


For our review sample we chose the colour British Racing Green and the astronomical symbol for Mercury (spot the speed theme). Once decisions are made you visit a local audiologist (map guide here) to have your ears moulded (this will cost you £20-£50 but should be reimbursed by Unique Melody) and then there is a waiting time of three to four weeks while the monitors are made.

How do they sound? READ ON

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