Philips 21:9 Cinema HDTV

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It’s perhaps the most radical development in home television since High Definition and Widescreen, Philips’ ground breaking 21:9 ‘Cinema’ promises to bring true cinema aspect ratios to our living rooms. Yet amongst all this excitement what are the reasons to be cautious?

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Just the Bad Points Review: Philips 21:9 Cinema


The Future Shape of All Televisions?

  • While pixel mapping does support 16:9, 4:3 content inevitably has very thick vertical bars
  • 21:9 name is mathematical approximation which may just further confuse public
  • Will the industry support it? Currently only 60 per cent of DVDs and Blu-rays have a 21:9 mode
  • At 20cm deep it’s not particularly slim
  • Not LED backlit, it’s limited to CCFL
  • 56in is only size on offer for now
  • Ambilight Spectra implementation is sadly only three sided, not four
  • Asking Price (4,000 euros)
  • Launch not until June (time to save up?!)
  • Rivals are expected to follow suit with 21:9 models of their own, so is it better to wait?
  • Is it rarely wise to buy the first generation of anything…

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