#1 Technology UK Journalist In December 2008

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It’s hard to know how to take both praise and criticism. As a writer and journalist I tend to run into both on a fairly frequent basis (probably more the latter given readers are generally moved more when angered than entertained) so I think I’ll be taking this with a pinch of salt…


‘Top UK Technology Journalist December 2008’

That’s me according to the Apollo Journalist Profiler, a service “used by PR Agencies and in-house PR departments to identify the key journalists in their sector” – ummm, very nice. Cheers fellas!

Of course on the other hand how this ranking system is compiled is another question entirely. If it’s based on profile you’d have to say Jemima Kiss and Jack Schofield of the Guardian and Observer should probably come out top and while not included the likes of Rory Cellan-Jones at the BBC or Stephen Fry would dwarf me.


Still I’ll take the pat on the back thank you very much, brace myself for the inevitable cosmic karma kick in the pants and not take any of it too seriously – whatever it means…

PS – companies are never going to get it are they? There is NO space between ‘Trusted’ and ‘Reviews’ – never has been, never will!