Apple TV – Second Generation (2010)

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You can read my full reviews of the Apple TV at TrustedReviews and Wired (links direct to reviews) where I discuss one of the most infuriating products in recent memory. The good is so very good, the bad headbangingly bad. We aren’t interested in that with Just the Bad Points though, so let the blood letting begin…

As always the disclaimer: JtBP is about showing you what is wrong, contentious, or downright bubble headed about products. The reasons you might not want to spend your hard earned cash on them. So before you commit to reading lengthy reviews here’s what you should be wary of with Apple’s new iPods:

Apple TV – Second Generation (2010)

  • Audio and video support limited to iTunes formats
  • All audio and video must be stored in iTunes to be recognised – regardless of format
  • No native storage means Apple TV and only stream content
  • All owned or purchased content must be bought on another computer and streamed to Apple TV
  • Netflix movie rental service limited to US only
  • No UK rental partnerships
  • No BBC iPlayer or other mainstream TV catch-up services supported
  • No 1080p ‘Full HD’ playback, 720p limit is a hardware restriction
  • Despite being iOS based there is no access to the App Store or supported apps
  • $99 US retail price translated to £99 in UK

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