Google Instant: Game Changer or has the Game Changed?

September 12, 2010 by  
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Wondering what to make of ‘Google Instant‘? It’s the brand new search engine Google unleashed upon us this week and it dynamically changes your search results as you type. Brave new dawn or over hyped in an age where Twitter and Facebook bring our friends’ suggestions straight to us?

TrustedReviews has published by thoughts on the subject and here are some extracts below. You’ll find the full article here.

Google Instant: Game Changer or has the Game Changed?

Google may not have been the first search engine, but it has been by far the most successful. Since it launched on 15 September 1997 has become the most visited website on the Internet and receives more than a billion search requests per day.

It is part of the modern lexicon: we don’t search, we ‘Google it’ and if you are to believe the hype Google thinks this week it made the most significant advancement in its search technology to date…

Watched in action (see video above) Google Instant is impressive, but it has drawn a mixed reaction from both users and critics so far. Why? I think I know…

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