Impending Blog Chaos/Hosting Transfer…

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Filed under Features & Editorials might only be 5 weeks old, but it has received a lot of feedback, some excellent comments and some rather decent traffic (proportionately speaking) so the time has already come from some proper hosting.


Up up and... away?!

The site will be moving from WordPress across to Fat Cow hosting over the next 24 hours and while the content should all be here it may go back to looking like a dog’s dinner for a short spell.I’ll fix it don’t worry, that’s my job!

Stay tuned…

NB – Should everything go balls up, the old blog will be available at during the transitionary stage.

#1 UK Journalist? 8th Best Non-Human Twitter User?

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Looking for something a little more positive following news the planet was 24 hours from economic and political collapse. Try this on for size…

My liver is in this?!

My liver is in this?!

After the wholly immeasurable honour of winning the UK’s top technology journalist in December (January results should be any time soon – I’ll chase them up!) I’ve turned up on another list, well at least part of me has.

The Twitter profile @iamgordonsliver has been named as the 8th ‘Greatest non-human Twitter User’ on CNet portal Crave. Irony is, I don’t write this (seemingly) tribute profile and have no access to it! Here’s what CNet had to say:

8: I am Gordon’s Liver

Type: Human organ
Typical tweet: “Building my hopes up again for a healthy lunch, but expecting a liquid one.”

This is the liver of a journalist called Gordon. Day to day, the personified organ comments on life inside the human body, providing a unique and easy-to-digest account of what it’s like to work as an organ in a 21st-century male.

Thankfully other bizarre copycats such as @iamgordonsego and @iamgordonstoe have yet to show similar signs of take off (the liver is on over 120 followers as we speak). Of course it’s always possible to just follow me on Twitter instead – it may prove slightly less disturbing…!

via 8 Greatest Non Human Twitter Users (Crave/CNet)

#1 Technology UK Journalist In December 2008

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It’s hard to know how to take both praise and criticism. As a writer and journalist I tend to run into both on a fairly frequent basis (probably more the latter given readers are generally moved more when angered than entertained) so I think I’ll be taking this with a pinch of salt…


‘Top UK Technology Journalist December 2008’

That’s me according to the Apollo Journalist Profiler, a service “used by PR Agencies and in-house PR departments to identify the key journalists in their sector” – ummm, very nice. Cheers fellas!

Of course on the other hand how this ranking system is compiled is another question entirely. If it’s based on profile you’d have to say Jemima Kiss and Jack Schofield of the Guardian and Observer should probably come out top and while not included the likes of Rory Cellan-Jones at the BBC or Stephen Fry would dwarf me.


Still I’ll take the pat on the back thank you very much, brace myself for the inevitable cosmic karma kick in the pants and not take any of it too seriously – whatever it means…

PS – companies are never going to get it are they? There is NO space between ‘Trusted’ and ‘Reviews’ – never has been, never will!

Gordon’s first post…

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First things first. Welcome to my blog!

Home of Gordon Kelly, News Editor at,  I hope to use my little part of the web to discuss journalism, writing and my great loves: technology, film, television, literature and that funny thing known as the human condition. You will also be able to use this site to find out about me via that crazy little thing designed to sum up our lives on a single side of paper – I believe some call it a CV.


I’ll be going at this in my own indomitable style so expect plenty of rants, ravings, cogitations and advice – both in the form of guides for those looking to get into journalism/writing, tips/tricks and even reviews for the products and content I’m often privileged to get ahead of the general public.Those with questions may also email me from the (soon to be set up) contacts section.

My ramblings can be tracked via my Twitter feed (also soon to be displayed on this blog) and at TrustedReviews where I run the News Section. This blog will soon appear under the url once a few technical hurdles are overcome.

Lastly it would be remiss of me not to say a huge Thank You to my great friends Lars Nilsson (formerly of TrustedReviews, PCW and The Register) and ThinkBikes and ThinkAboutTech founder Andrew Spode Miller. Without them you wouldn’t be reading my thoughts today.

Surf’s up!