Gordon’s first post…

January 4, 2009 by  
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First things first. Welcome to my blog!

Home of Gordon Kelly, News Editor at TrustedReviews.com,  I hope to use my little part of the web to discuss journalism, writing and my great loves: technology, film, television, literature and that funny thing known as the human condition. You will also be able to use this site to find out about me via that crazy little thing designed to sum up our lives on a single side of paper – I believe some call it a CV.


I’ll be going at this in my own indomitable style so expect plenty of rants, ravings, cogitations and advice – both in the form of guides for those looking to get into journalism/writing, tips/tricks and even reviews for the products and content I’m often privileged to get ahead of the general public.Those with questions may also email me from the (soon to be set up) contacts section.

My ramblings can be tracked via my Twitter feed (also soon to be displayed on this blog) and at TrustedReviews where I run the News Section. This blog will soon appear under the gordonkelly.com url once a few technical hurdles are overcome.

Lastly it would be remiss of me not to say a huge Thank You to my great friends Lars Nilsson (formerly of TrustedReviews, PCW and The Register) and ThinkBikes and ThinkAboutTech founder Andrew Spode Miller. Without them you wouldn’t be reading my thoughts today.

Surf’s up!