New iPod touch, iPod nano & iPod shuffle

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I’ve already had my say about Apple’s latest iPods, but here is the ‘Just the Bad Points’ breakdown of potential dealbreakers…

JtBP is about showing you what is wrong, contentious, or downright bubble headed about products. The reasons you might not want to spend your hard earned cash on them. So before you commit to reading lengthy reviews here’s what you should be wary of with Apple’s new iPods:

iPod touch (4th Generation)

  • Cut down 0.7 megapixel camera (960 x 720 pixels) – pale imitation of 5MP camera on iPhone 4
  • 8GB, 32GB & 64GB capacities are unchanged from last year’s models
  • Omission of 16GB sweet spot a deliberate attempt not to detract from 16GB iPod nano
  • Usual flaws of limited codec support, no storage expansion and 3G data remain – and will likely never be addressed

iPod nano (5th Generation)

  • Not the mini iPod touch we had all hoped for
  • Cut down iOS means no apps, no mobile iTunes store
  • Video recording and playback removed completely
  • Screen shrunk from 2.2 inches to 1.54 inches
  • Price for 16GB nano comes within touching distance of an 8GB iPod touch
  • What we hoped the shuffle would be, not the nano.

iPod shuffle (4th Generation)

  • Backwards step from Apple returning to 2006 design
  • Still no screen
  • Twice the price of superior MP3 player with screen, the SanDisk Sansa Clip+
  • Battery life still unremarkable: 15 hours audio playback
  • Capacity same since February 2008, at just 2GB

Apple iPod shuffle (3rd Generation)

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Apple’s smallest ever MP3 player is also possibly its most controversial – and this is why…

The preamble: My cult and contentious reviews’ system. Designed as a time saver to highlight the potential deal breakers in a product before you commit to reading lengthy reviews on your favourites sites and/or magazines. For a more detailed description please read: the Rules

iPod shuffle 3rd Generation

iPod shuffle 3rd Generation

Just the Bad Points Review: iPod shuffle (3rd Generation)

  • Removal of on-player controls renders your existing third party earphones/headphones useless without cost of a separate adaptor
  • Positioning of inline controls on the new earphones is just below the chin, not ideal during exercise
  • Positioning of inline controls on adaptor too low with existing third party earphones
  • Clip and on-player controls of its predecessor meant you could position them wherever convenient
  • Reduced battery life (10 hours compared to 12 hours on 2nd generation shuffle)
  • No display unlike all major rivals in its price range
  • No track selection functionlity
  • No FM tuner as on rivals
  • No voice recorder as on rivals
  • VoiceOver text-to-speech prone to mispronunciation
  • Heralded minimalist design is surely just an aluminium coated memory key
  • Improved 4GB storage still only half that available on some rivals
  • Requires new iTunes download
  • Were adding 5mm to its height, dropping 10mm in width, 2mm in depth and 5 grams in weight from shuffle 2G worth all this?
  • Price (£59) is a lot more than an 8GB Sansa Clip (£39) which also has a display, FM tuner, voice recorder, track, album, artist and playlist selection, 15 hours of battery life and drag and drop content