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Tagline: The last place you’d ever expect to find yourself

Plot: Astronaut Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is about to finish a three year stint on the Moon. He works alone supervising the robotic extraction of helium-3 from lunar soil, a compound which has single handily solved the Earth’s energy problems. He only companion is GERTY, his computer, but as the days tick down Sam makes a life changing discovery.

In short: The best film I have seen so far this year

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Moon - Starring: Sam Rockwell; Director: Duncan Jones


Just the Bad Points Review: Moon

  • Fans of action flicks will find this heavy going
  • This isn’t about aliens, gun fights or spaceships
  • As it sounds: one man, alone in space, on the moon
  • Not light entertainment
  • An emotional roller coaster ride
  • Don’t see it and you’ll miss out on the best movie of the year so far

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