Media Consultancy – Pitching to Journalists

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I should have posted this a lot earlier: an interview I conducted with RunMarketing in November last year.

Contacting journalists can be a daunting prospect if you’re new to approaching the media. However, building up strong relationships with the media is critical to overall marketing success and is a must for any business. To help understand how small businesses and start-ups can best approach the media, RunMarketing spoke to freelance journalist and blogger Gordon Kelly.

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For more on writing press releases and pitching to media, visit RunMarketing’s Resources page.

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An Inconvenient PR Truth

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We get a lot of PR contact as journalists, possibly too much – if I get less than 100 emails a day I’m checking for server problems. Much of it is well intentioned, but even more is aimless so I have given my support (and name) to the ‘Inconvenient PR Truth‘ campaign.

This isn’t set-out to bash individuals or agencies and much of what it says has been said before. Where the campaign stands out, however, is its organisation and professionalism so let’s see if we can’t build some momentum and help bring a universal standard of practices to our hectic and exciting industry.

LINK: An Inconvenient PR Truth