GordonKelly.com Expanding to Music, Movies, TV & Sport

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Spreading my wings…

Since beginning GordonKelly.com in January the site has already had one complete revamp and received some very kind words from both readers and industry colleagues. I’ve pretty much stuck to my daily trade of talking technology, but sometimes it can be a bit much taking the day job home so I’ve decided to stretch the remit.

Music, movies, television and sport are all great passions of mine. I’m well versed in writing about them and feature regularly on Setanta Sports discussing the football season (or did, poor Setanta!). I’ll mix and match things up, it will be a gradual process and no doubt ‘Just the Bad Points’ will prove an interesting way to look at the latest releases (in the case of Newcastle United it could take forever). Yes, technology will remain the core aspect but the variation should keep me entertained, which will hopefully keep you entertained and see the blog regularly updated.

As always, you can still catch my daily technology stories at TrustedReviews, network with me via LinkedIn, contact me directly or send a tweet to my Twitter profile.

Fingers crossed – it’s evolution time.

GordonKelly.com - soon more than just technology

GordonKelly.com - soon more than just technology

I Think I Speak For Everyone…

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…when I say this is a rare piece of satirical genius to which we can all empathise. This first must-see video of 2009…


Welcome to GordonKelly.com

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Although I’m not Gordon, I figured I’d get a quick post up here, since you can’t start a blog without any posts.

GordonKelly.com is the home of IT news journalist Gordon Kelly which is one of the funniest and wittiest technology writers out there.

This site is going to be his little “home” on the web where you can get in touch with him if you have technical questions, professional enquiries or just wish to shoot the breeze.

Don’t be shy, he really is good at what he’s doing and I think his works speak for itself.